Bermuda Roof

Bermuda Roof

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The Story:

A beautiful country, stunning island, incredible people... Being far from the land; the US - about 650 miles, the dependence and ingenuity is needed for survival and is crucial. These limestone rooftops last for generations. The highly reflective white roofs help to purify the rainwater. In addition, the design created channels the water into these cisterns. By law I think 80% of the roof must be designed for this purpose! 400 year old design since no fresh water is on land naturally.

18"W x 24"H


Giclée Canvas-408GSM, 20.5mil, Poly/Cotton, 2" deep Gallery Wrap photo edge

Archival-certified and OBA free

Laminated by hand with a scratch resistance UV

150 mm, f/11, 1/500sec, no flash, IS0-200


Southampton, Bermuda


Certificate of Authenticity is supplied
(Logo/Copyright watermark is not on actual canvas)