"Intensity" on HD Acrylic

"Intensity" on HD Acrylic

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The Story:
This adventurous trip my father was with me as we hiked around previewing and photographing when the opportunity existed. This was taken down by the dam near where the dilapidated dock once stood. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing in my viewfinder. I try to maneuver as close as I could without interfering. I called softly for my father to come to my location so he could capture this amazing site. He had no such luck!  This light was natural, meaning what you see I saw! No enhancement or tweaking. These are the moments you love those precious moments in time that will never occur again.
24"W x 18"H


HD Acrylic 360 - Antiglare

500mm, f/10, 1/1250sec, no flash, ISO-2500, +.03 Step

Myakka State River Park, Sarasota, FL

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