Smaller scale "Acknowledgement"

Smaller scale "Acknowledgement"

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The Story:
Riding all morning on the safari vehicle and headed back to the lodge, we came across this dazzle (herd of zebras) on my left side. I took the picture and opted to just blow out the colors and increase the white, blacks and shadows that created this artistic approach to the photograph. I just love the dynamic look. Interesting side note is each zebra reflects a side. All three combined equal one. Once in awhile, I use this approach as you will see in the collection.


24"W x 14"H

Giclée Canvas-408 GSM, 20.5mil, Poly/Cotton
2" deep, Gallery Wrap
Archival-certified and OBA free
Laminated by hand with scratch resistance UV


400mm, f/6, 1/400sec, no flash, ISO-360

Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

(Logo/Copyright watermark is not on actual canvas)